Colin Spritzky

Colin Spritzky’s parents explain: People don’t typically plan to become a parent of a child with special needs, but our son, Colin has truly been a gift. He has taught our family so many things that we wouldn’t have learned without him in our lives.

As most families with children with special needs, we were not prepared for some of the challenges that we would ultimately face. We quickly realized that as parents, we needed to become Colin’s best advocates, find the best medical specialists, as well as the most appropriate learning environment.

Colin started kindergarten in public school which proved to be extremely challenging, until we found our solution with Linden Grove. For the next eight years, Colin called Linden Grove School (LGS) his educational home. LGS provided an inclusive, safe, and loving environment including individualized programming that helped him succeed.  Colin learned reading strategies and was able to be coached on appropriate social behaviors.  LGS provided the perfect foundation and instilled confidence that allowed Colin to move from a small, private, controlled environment to a large public high school.  At Turpin High School, Colin flourished as a young adult cherishing the high school experiences of football games, homecomings, proms and school events.

Colin is currently in his third year of a transition to work program at Anderson High School.  As part of this program, he is responsible for shopping, paying for groceries, cooking a hot breakfast, doing dishes and laundry. He works every day in the community including TJ Maxx, Ayer Elementary, LaRosas, a retirement home, and Mercy Hospital.

He is in the early stages of searching for full time employment where he can utilize the skills he has developed in order to be a productive and independent member of the community. We can’t say how much Linden Grove School set the stage and helped him progress to where he is today.

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