AIMS Program Increases EF Skills, Confidence

6-8 Team students, staff, and parents recently completed a specialized program to help students improve the executive functions (EFs) key to achieving academic success. Added benefits included improved confidence and social interactions.

Achieving Independence and Mastery in School (AIMS) is a 32-week program developed to help middle school students who struggle with social communication skills improve executive functions. These adolescents typically have EF deficits that impact their skill to start assignments, organize materials, plan and prioritize assignments, and study effectively for tests. The program helps students master strategies such as organizing a backpack, binder, locker, and computer files; using a planner to track and prioritize tasks; setting up an effective homework system; using study cards; and other learning tools.

LGS staff leads for the program received training last summer. Parents were invited to attend three evening sessions during the program implementation period not only to receive an overview of classroom activities, but also to provide insight on improved student study habits and behaviors at home.

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