Ahn’s Taekwondo Continues 15+ Years of Support Amid Expanding LGS Recreational Opportunities

Ahn Taekwondo Institute has offered instruction at LGS during the school year and summer for more than 15 years. Students learn basic motions, forms, and techniques while working on coordination, flexibility, listening, cooperation, and more. During the school year, students can test up to the next color belt. At the end of summer classes, students break boards using kicks and then take their broken boards home as a memento.

Additional recreational opportunities offered by LGS in 2021-2022 include a Tech & Gaming Club, arts and crafts, basic and intermediate soccer skills classes, and individual music lessons.

LGS also supports and promotes a range of recreational activities for students throughout Greater Cincinnati. For example, LGS staff have provided cooking classes through the Autism Society of Greater Cincinnati, and the school promotes opportunities such as the Mason Challenger League baseball program.

Left to right: Maggie Wesley mixes light to dark shades of fall colors; Charlotte Baringhaus shows off her Mickey Mouse-shaped pretzel ready for the oven; and Nathan Titzer practices brush strokes in art.

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