Linden Grove School is an OHIO AUTISM SCHOLARSHIP (ASP) and JON PETERSON SPECIAL NEEDS Scholarship (JPSN) approved provider. Please contact us for more information or visit the Ohio Department of Education website.

Families who qualify for the Ohio Autism Scholarship Program (ASP) or Jon Peterson Special Needs Scholarship Program (JP) can apply the money awarded from their child’s scholarship toward the school’s tuition. For ASP recipients, the current maximum amount awarded is $32,455. For JP recipients, the maximum amount awarded is determined by the category of the scholarship received. Current maximum amounts for JP Scholarship recipients range from $7,976 to $27,000. Any fees and tuition not covered by scholarship dollars are the responsibility of the family.

For the 2022-2023 school year, Linden Grove School’s tuition ranges from $33,230 to $33,430 depending on the grade of the student as well as the programming needed.

The school offers two options for paying tuition not covered by scholarship dollars. You can choose to pay the full amount in one lump payment (due August 1 of each year) or you can choose to make 12 monthly payments (August 1st through July 1st).

Families may also apply for Tuition Assistance, as needed.