Academic Achievement

“My son has thrived at Linden Grove School. He now has real friends to socialize with. He has also grown so much academically that I am surprised every year…. ”

—Jennifer from West Chester, OH


LGS’s “progressive education” approach to academics incorporates hands-on learning activities with an emphasis on problem solving and critical thinking for academic success at all grade levels. Collaborative projects also encourage the development of social skills for the development of friendships at school and, eventually, the community at large.

Consider, for example, a classroom project challenging students to design the best lever to move an object; more specifically, a catapult made from craft sticks and rubber bands to launch a marshmallow at a target.

Students not only learned concepts related to simple machines, their critical thinking and problem solving skills were challenged in the development and refinement of their designs. And LGS staff encouraged the development of positive social skills during the testing of the various designs, facilitating encouragement and support among classmates as each tested their personal designs. 

You can give a student the gift of academic achievement. Read more here.


Did you know? Academic instruction at LGS is highly personalized while incorporating Ohio Department of Education Learning Standards. Small class sizes and low teacher:student ratios ranging from 1:3 to 1:7 enable teachers to provide individualized attention and encourage active participation.

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