A World of Cookies for Santa

Students can learn about Christmas traditions and tasty treats from around the world—and increase their knowledge of world geography—with the book A World of Cookies for Santa by M. E. Furman. Enjoy a a read-aloud video recording of the book on YouTube.

The book follows Santa’s journey on Christmas as he delivers presents to children around the world. The narration describes the Christmas traditions and cookies of 32 destinations. The end papers of the printed book show Santa’s route on a world map. A downloadable map is also available here.

The first destination is Christmas Island in the South Pacific, where children take advantage of the abundance of coconuts to make Santa sweet, chewy, coconut macaroons. In Australia, children leave fruit-filled “White Christmas” treats and, because it’s summer, a cool glass of milk.

In South Africa, Kersvader (Father Christmas) arrives by donkey and fills children’s stockings with special chocolates and small gifts. In Russia, Grandfather Frost brings the Snow Maiden to deliver gifts, and children leave them a sweet honey-spice cookie and a cup of tea to warm them for the rest of their journey.

Santa progresses through Europe, including France, where families celebrate Christmas Eve with 13 different desserts; South America, including Argentina, where he enjoys big fireworks displays; and finally North America before returning home to the North Pole.

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