A Planet Full of Animals

There are lots of different kinds of animals in all shapes, sizes, and colors roaming our planet.

Ms. Wagner’s K-2 students are learning about different animals and how to group them together by traits they have in common. For example:

Mammals – Hair or fur, warm-blooded, live births, lungs

Fish – Scales, cold-blooded, live in water, lay eggs, gills

Reptiles – Scales, cold-blooded, lay eggs, lungs

Amphibians – Smooth skin, cold-blooded live in water and land, lay eggs

Birds – Feathers, warm-blooded, most of them fly, lay eggs, lungs

Students created posters for each class of animals, listing common traits and adding pictures of representative animals from magazines.

Next, each student will complete a special project on an animal of their choice.

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