A Colorful, Fun Approach to Learning Grammar

Learning grammar can be dry and sometimes daunting.

Mrs. Bachman’s interactive Language Wall is helping to make learning grammar colorful and even fun!

Each week, Mrs. Bachman chooses a sentence from something the class is reading. She then writes the sentence on a white board which serves as the Language Wall. The kids like searching for the sentence or guessing where it is from!

Each day of the week, students take turns going up to the Language Wall to identify something about the sentence. For example:

  • Based on the punctuation, what type of sentence is it?
  • How many nouns can you find? Can you find a verb, adjective, or other parts of speech?
  • Regarding each noun, is it singular or plural? common or proper?

As each student takes his turn at the wall, he identifies aspects of the sentence by adding arrows pointing to punctuation, brightly colored circles to mark different parts of speech, and more.

As their knowledge of grammar increases, we look forward to students increasing their ability to label more and more aspects of a sentence, (a prepositional phrase, etc.)

For more information on an interactive Language Wall and related materials, visit Hello Fifth

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