Using Words to Fill Buckets

With the help of Mrs. Kinnear, 2-4 Team students are learning how to use words to fill buckets and have their own bucket filled in return.

Mrs. Kinnear read students a book by Carol McCloud, author of a series of “bucket” books beginning with Have you Filled a Bucket Today? The books are based on the idea that we all carry around an invisible bucket that holds good thoughts and good feelings about ourselves.

A full bucket means we’re happy; an empty bucket signifies sadness or loneliness. When we fill other people’s buckets—by being kind or paying compliments—we not only fill another person’s bucket, ours fills up as well!

Students then took turns paying compliments to one another. Mrs. Kinnear offered suggestions for compliments including “you are kind” and “you are nice.” She also helped students write compliments on hearts to place in friends’ buckets. Then students read the compliments friends gave them, and felt how good it made them feel.

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