LGS Middle School Opens Ahead of 2020-2021 Enrollment Season

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Linden Grove School’s new Middle School building opened for students on Monday, November 30. The building has six spacious classrooms, STEM Lab, sensory room, and offices for speech and occupational therapists as well as behavior staff. Moreover, the move of LGS 6-8 grade students from the Main Building to the new Middle School building has created more classroom space for K-6 grade students.

The opening of the Middle School building is especially welcome as LGS prepares for peak enrollment season. Autism prevalence rates increased 10% in two years, according to a CDC report released in March 2020. In the report, the CDC estimates 1 in 54 children as identified with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), an increase from 1 in 59 children two years previously.

Over the next decade, an estimated 707,000 to 1,116,000 teens with autism will transition out of high school, and, if trends continue, their participation in post-secondary education or paid employment will be significantly lower than those of their typical peers or even those with learning disabilities. Linden Grove School’s specialized approach to education helps students with autism develop the skills and the confidence for success in school and beyond.

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