2020-2023 Strategic Plan

Fall Update ButtonCreating a Plan for Growth

Linden Grove School (LGS) is committed to helping students with autism become valued, participating members of our community, a community in which adults with autism:

  • Plan for Growth Single TreeAchieve an appropriate level of independence in regard to daily life and personal interests
  • Participate in work or other meaningful activities that contribute to our community
  • Develop positive relationships with family members, friends, and supporters

To meet the growing requests for its specialized education and supports, LGS increased enrollment from 60 to nearly 90 students over the past five years, maximizing the school’s physical capacity.

In response, the school’s new Strategic Plan was crafted with the following purposes:

  1. Evaluate options to grow LGS educational services and related supports to meet the increasing number of students with autism in our region;
  2. Provide a model for education providers outside our region by documenting LGS’s operational and program growth process, including successes and lessons learned.

The Strategic Plan includes three inter-related goals focused on Program Growth, increasing Financial Resources, and developing a Structural Model that supports program growth while maintaining quality instruction and support.

The three areas of focus were identified during an LGS Board retreat in the fall of 2019. Related objectives and strategies were developed throughout the school year by sub-committees comprised of Board members, parents, staff and community supporters. The final plan was approved by LGS’s Board of Trustees in July 2020.