$.5MM Donation Recognizes School’s Success with Students

Amiah Wilhite
The dedication of Kerry Stegman and other staff is an important part of LGS’s personalized approach for the success of students like Amiah Wilhite.

LGS Personalized Approach Creates Opportunities for Growth and Achievement

An $500,000 contribution to Linden Grove School was an incredible surprise over the summer months. The donor, who wishes to remain anonymous, made the unexpected gift in appreciation of Linden Gove School’s personalized approach to education for students with autism and related learning needs.

“We are truly grateful for this recognition of our successful blend of academics, social-emotional learning opportunities, and support services,” states Kristin Tennyson, Head of School. “It’s also an indication of how far we’ve come in the school’s nearly 30-year history to warrant such a generous show of support.”

The Board of Trustees is currently considering how best to utilize the contribution for the long-term benefit of Linden Grove School.

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