100 Days Smarter

100th Day Crown

As part of their celebration of the 100th day of school, 2-4 team students made themselves a “100 Days Smarter” crown.

In addition, they each completed a fill-in the blank story entitled “If I Were 100.”

We’ve included the story below with some of the answers students provided. How would you fill out the story?


If I Were 100

If I was turning 100 today, “Happy Birthday” all my friends would say.

I’d have a party and invite 100 __________ . (friends)

I’d blow out 100 candles and make a wish for 100 __________ (toys), but not 100 __________ ! (spiders)

I’d sing a little song about __________  (chickens) and then dance my best with __________ . (kidz bop moves.)

What a day to remember!

I’d fall asleep and dream of 100 ________ or 100 __________  (Scooby-Doos, Snoopys), but definitely not 100 __________ . (pigs)

How grand turning 100 would be!

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