Meet Our Staff

Jaime Bryant

6-8 Team Para Educator

Ms. Bryant is currently reading Girls Burn Brighter by Shobha Rao, a novel about two girls growing up in rural India – each girl a shining light even in the worst of times. Ms. Bryant is a shining light at Linden Grove School, always with a smile for every student and staff person. How does Ms. Bryant describe herself? Confident, motivated and flexible!

Parent Testimonials

Linden Grove School is a place where all students of every level are motivated to succeed in a loving and caring manner. They individualize the curriculum to meet the needs of each and every student and make those students feel not only accepted, but VALUED as well. A parent couldn’t ask for more than that."

Angie from Loveland, OH

Our son is on grade level academically, he has grown more confident with his social skills and when his behavior goes awry, all kinds of modifications are made to help get him back on track. He has the most amazing teacher and aide who not only work with my son, but include my husband and I as well in the decision making process for either academics and/or behavior."

Angie from Loveland, OH

Specialized Learning for the Whole Child

Linden Grove School is a private, not-for-profit school that offers an alternative education program for students with autism and related learning needs. 

Started over 30 years ago, LGS currently serves more than 80 students in grades K-8 from a five-county region in Greater Cincinnati.

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