September 21, 2018

After School & Summer Programs

After-school programs and summer camp are available to enrolled students, providing year-round opportunities for learning and enrichment, social skill development, and fun!


After-School Programs


If you have questions concerning After-School Programs, please contact Elizabeth Ewers by email or call  513-984-2215 ext. 121.


Summer Camp


Linden Grove School offers Summer Camp for seven weeks in June and July, taking the week of July 4th off. Camp runs Tuesday through Thursday from 8:30 am to  3 pm (with after care available for registered students). Students can register for individual weeks.

Each week has a theme ranging from Superheroes to Animal Planet to Trains and other Transportation with related fun in-house or off-campus field trips, as well as structured learning activities in the areas of reading and writing. 6-8 grade students also have the option for an overnight experience.

To participate, students must be registered at LGS for the upcoming year or have been a LGS alumni student who is entering grades 1-9 for the upcoming year.

For more information and/or to register for the 2018 Summer Camp, see below.

A limited number of non-LGS students will also be able to participate in Summer Camp activities. For information on the admission process and criteria, see below.