September 21, 2018

What would you tell other potential families about Linden Grove School?

“We felt welcome right away. Teachers and staff understood exactly our son’s needs and our needs as parents.”

Tara from Kennedy Height, OH

“Linden Grove School is a blessing to our son! We love the school. Our son looks forward to going to school every day. I can’t imagine not having Linden Grove School as a school for our son to attend. Thank You!”

Gwen from Loveland, OH

“Linden Grove School exudes confidence. I have told others that have kids struggling that they should check out Linden Grove. I have told them that it is a very family oriented school and the support from the entire faculty, parents and other kids, in my son’s case, are far more than I have ever experienced. The faculty and staff are dedicated, devoted and understand versus my son just being another student.”

Tricia from Milford, OH

“I keep telling families how it has increased my son’s confidence and scholarship. The staff and faculty sincerely care about each child and it truly feels like a family- best decision we ever made.”

Wendy from Golf Manor, OH

“Linden Grove School cares about your child and your child’s future and provides an atmosphere that promotes independence, social interaction and learning.”

Rhonda from Morrow, OH

“The children at Linden Grove School are all comfortable with one another and are accepted for who they are. No one there is labeled, therefor, no one is “different” or “weird”. They are all great kids!”

Jamiie from Batavia, OH

"LGS is a place where your child will be able to learn to navigate academically and socially without constant attention. For Autism spectrum children, where unpredictable noise and chaos of hundreds of children in public school can cause meltdowns and shutdowns, LGS is a warm, caring, supportive and academically appropriate setting. LGS provides curriculum/programming not usually available in public school that meet the students’ needs and more effectively opens the world of learning and social interaction. As an accredited school, you’re not forced to choose between appropriate development and academic performance. LGS students know they are “different” but at school they accept each other without hesitation. The students truly become friends. At LGS, the kids relax so that learning and development occurs.”

Peter and Beth form Milford, OH

“Linden Grove will work with your child through good and bad times. Linden Grove will challenge your child academically and develop his social skills and good citizenship. Linden Grove feels like a family that really loves and cares for your child. Linden Grove will really help your child develop to their fullest potential.”

Jennifer from West Chester, OH

“Every child is unique and so are their educational needs and supports. If your child is not getting the supports they need or is not in an environment where they can achieve to their fullest potential, you should come see Linden Grove. This may be the best place for them to get an education.”

Al from Fairfield, OH

“It is a wonderful school. The small class sizes really help these kids get the attention they need. The special classes (art and music) have improved every year my son has been at LGS and they continue to work on improving the program. It also helps to be able to network with other families in similar situations. We couldn’t be happier with our choice for our son.”

Jeff from Wyoming, OH

“Linden Grove School is a place where all students of every level are motivated to succeed in a loving and caring manner. They individualize the curriculum to meet the needs of each and every student and make those students feel not only accepted, but VALUED as well. A parent couldn’t ask for more than that.”

Angie from Loveland, OH

“Please check it out. Especially if your child struggles with large groups and transitions”

Kara from Deer Park, OH

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