September 21, 2018

How has Linden Grove School helped your child?

“Linden Grove’s summer program was awesome! My son loves Linden Grove- he does not cry and complain about going to school anymore. He is challenged and accepted. We are so grateful for Linden Grove.”

Tara from Kennedy Heights, OH

“My son has grown academically and socially in so many ways while attending Linden Grove School. He has made friends and has the environment to help his academic needs be reached.”

Gwen from Loveland, OH

“For the first time ever my son says he loves school. He has always dreaded getting up every day. Homework is beginning to get easier and he is more aware of what he is being asked to do versus looking lost and not knowing what to do. He also talks about his “friends” which he hasn’t ever done in the past.”

Tricia from Milford, OH

“My son started in first grade and is now in the fourth grade. His focus is better. His planning, organization, and following directions have improved significantly. There is a comprehensive approach to each child and if something is not working, the teachers and administrators are incredibly flexible and open to new ideas and strategies.”

Wendy from Golf Manor, OH

“My son is reading, writing and participating in activities with other children. He has gained self-confidence and a sense of belonging.”

Rhonda from Morrow, OH

“Linden Grove School has given my daughter a place where she is accepted for who she is and she is comfortable. She is making new friends and speaking to many people.”

Jamie from Batavia, OH

“LGS has helped my son learn to enjoy school. He survived in regular education but required one to one support. At Linden Grove, our son participates with his classmates in a group setting and is learning self-control. He enjoys the less frenetic activity of a smaller school.”

Peter and Beth from Mason, OH

“Our son is on grade level academically, he has grown more confident with his social skills and when his behavior goes awry, all kinds of modifications are made to help get him back on track. He has the most amazing teacher and aide who not only work with my son, but include my husband and I as well in the decision making process for either academics and/or behavior.”

Angie from Loveland, OH

“Everyday my son comes home happy and says his day was awesome. He has made friends.”

Kara from Deer Park, OH

“My son has thrived at Linden Grove. He now has real friends to socialize with. He has also grown so much academically that I am surprised every year at how much gain he is making. My son is happy going to school and is proud of his accomplishments. My son feels a sense of belonging and community.”

Jennifer from West Chester, OH

“My son’s math and reading skills have increased dramatically, especially in his first year at Linden Grove. The social skills that are taught at school also show outside of school. He loves school and his teachers so much that he is disappointed if we tell him he is too sick to go to school when he has a cold”

Al from Fairfield, OH

“Linden Grove has allowed my son to progress at an appropriate pace. The therapies that are incorporated into his daily routine are invaluable. He looks forward to go to school and enjoys his school work. His academic progress has been impressive and he is also improving socially.”

Jeff from Wyoming, OH

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