April 29, 2017

Puzzle Day

Linden Grove School recently celebrated National Puzzle Day! Students of all ages worked jigsaw puzzles by themselves or in groups; on the floor, on desks and even on SMART Boards®!  With the help of Mrs. Kubachka and other staff, some … Continue reading

Students, Write on Your Desks – Please!

How awesome. Linden Grove School students get to write on their desks! Using dry erase markers – the markers used on white boards in classrooms and offices – students can do math problems on their desks. It’s so much cooler … Continue reading

Let’s Get Moving!

Linden Grove School physical education students started out 2017 by setting fitness goals with the help of Mr. Foster. The goals are displayed on a 2nd floor bulletin board with the title: “Let’s Get Moving!” Students listed various activities for … Continue reading

Attack of the Eukaryotes and Prokaryotes!

Hanging outside Mr. Loar’s classroom on the first floor you’ll find some interesting multi-media art depicting  . . . cell biology! More specifically, prokaryotic cells and eukaryotic cells. Prokaryotic cells, the simple cells of organisms like bacteria, are sometimes compared … Continue reading

Students Take Aim with Simple Machines

Winter Break is fast approaching, but students of Mr. Kennedy and Mr. Loar remain focused on their lessons. Among their assignments is the challenge to design the best use of a lever to move an object; more specifically, designing a … Continue reading

Local Company Gives LGS Students VIP Tour

Process Pump & Seal, Inc., founded in Cincinnati in 1984, recently welcomed LGS students for a behind-the-scenes tour of their local manufacturing facility. The company sells and services pumps, sealing devices, and specialty chemical products to a wide range of … Continue reading

45 – 19 = BINGO!

Linden Grove School’s 2-4 team students recently had fun playing bingo while improving their math skills. Students first completed a worksheet of double-digit subtraction problems, many with regrouping; (that is, “borrowing” from another column as in the example in the … Continue reading

Students Code Games to Celebrate Computer Science Week

In celebration of Computer Science Education Week, Linden Grove School students took part in the “Hour of Code” campaign. “Hour of Code” is a worldwide initiative dedicated to expanding access to computer science. It was created based on the idea … Continue reading

Getting to Know Community Helpers

Linden Grove School’s K-2 Team welcomed some very special guests during their recent unit on Community Helpers. Firemen and Paramedics Bill Fitzpatric and “Crazy Mike” Kramer from the Sycamore Township Fire Department spent a Monday afternoon with the students. Crazy … Continue reading

Students Give Back on Giving Tuesday

This year, LGS Applied Skills students joined the Giving Tuesday movement. Giving Tuesday—the Tuesday after Thanksgiving—is a global effort encouraging people to give to help those less fortunate in their community whether it’s a gift of time, a financial contribution, … Continue reading