September 22, 2018

Madagascar: A Lesson in Friendship and Teamwork

Studies have shown attending live theatre performances enhance academic knowledge and emotional learning in ways reading and watching movies cannot. Throughout the year, Linden Grove School students benefit greatly from performances of The Children’s Theatre of Cincinnati. The most recent … Continue reading

100 Days Smarter

As part of their celebration of the 100th day of school, 2-4 team students made themselves a “100 Days Smarter” crown. In addition, they each completed a fill-in the blank story entitled “If I Were 100.” We’ve included the story … Continue reading

Help Your Child Play

Play helps children develop fine and gross motor skills, language and communication skills, creative thinking, problem-solving, and social skills. Children with autism enjoy playing, but they may play in very different ways. They are more likely to play alone, and … Continue reading

Learning the Sap-to-Syrup Process

  In the latter half of January in southern Ohio you may notice maple trees with small metal buckets attached. The buckets are collecting sap from maple trees to be used in making maple syrup. Students from LGS’s 4th through 8th grades … Continue reading

Rock Lab

Winter Break has ended and for students in Mrs. Bachman’s science classes that means — in relation to their studies of earth’s resources — turning their attention from living resources (plants and animals) to non-living resources, beginning with rocks. A … Continue reading

Snow Day Strategies for Families with ASD

Just the hint of flurries and students start thinking about the possibility of one of the most desired winter events: a snow day. But for kids on the spectrum and their families, the change in routine created by snow days … Continue reading

Season-Inspired Learning

Teachers at all grade levels are taking advantage of colder temperatures and December holidays to inspire classroom activities and learning. Some students are practicing fine motor skills and sequencing (the ability to put tasks in the correct order), by building … Continue reading

The Blubber Experiment

Mrs. Bachman’s science students have been learning about the various ways animals are adapted to their natural habitats. Adaptations may be physical like a camel’s humps or a duck’s webbed feet; others may be behavioral such as when an animal … Continue reading

Hunter-Gatherer or Agricultural Settlement?

If you lived in 5000 BC, would you prefer to be a hunter-gatherer or live in an agricultural settlement? This was the question explored by Ms. Ballard’s 6-8 team social studies class. And what tool did they use to consider … Continue reading

Electrons Will Travel

Electrons will travel – given a source and a circuit. That’s what Ms. Sparling’s 4-6 team science students are learning through a series of hands-on activities using batteries, wires, light bulbs, switches and more. An electric circuit is an electric … Continue reading