May 30, 2017

Majestic Monarchs

6-8 Team students walked among hundreds of butterflies at the Krohn Conservatory’s annual butterfly show. The theme of this year’s show is “The Majestic Monarch” – the well-known butterfly with the orange and black wings that travels as much as … Continue reading

Learning Expedition

4-6 team students and staff went on a learning expedition to the Cincinnati Nature Center where they had the opportunity to observe local plants and animals in various life stages. Students and staff hiked the trails and looked at different … Continue reading

A Cloud of Bubbles

6-8 team students enjoyed another engaging science activity thanks to Mr. Kennedy and Mr. Loar, this time exploring the three states of matter: solid, liquid and gas. “Normal” ice—frozen water (H2O)—changes from solid to liquid when it melts, eventually evaporating … Continue reading

Creative Lessons Make Math Easy

Everyone knows the Associative Property of Multiplication, right? You know, the property that states that when multiplying three or more real numbers, the product is always the same regardless of their grouping. LGS students recently learned this pre-algebra concept through … Continue reading

Rain Cloud in a Glass

Students of our K-2 team recently learned about clouds and rain using shaving cream, water and food coloring. The class started with glasses of water to which was added a layer of shaving cream – the water representing the atmosphere … Continue reading

LGS Alum Spends Spring Break Giving Back

Collin Leonard (LGS class of 2011) spent part of his spring break from Marshall University giving back to his alma mater. Collin shared college experiences and various tips for success in school with current 6-8 team students, and also spent … Continue reading

Student Songs Celebrate Friendship

March is “Music in our Schools Month” – a time to celebrate the benefits a quality music program brings to our kids’ learning and development. This year during the month of March, Mrs. Weber and Mr. Stephenson worked with students’ … Continue reading

Absolutely Incredible Kids!

It’s Absolutely Incredible Kid Day! Each LGS student is receiving a surprise note from at least one family member as well as a note from Mrs. Tennyson, Head of School. Our younger students had their notes read to them and … Continue reading

Students “See” Germs with Glitter

A recent Health experiment helped students “see” germs – invisible things that can cause them and their friends to get sick. Students were asked to wash their hands with soap and water, then glitter was dumped on their hands. After … Continue reading

Kids First with LGS Students

LGS Applied Skills students recently went on a class outing to Kids First Sports Center on East Kemper Road in Cincinnati. They completed three circuits including trampolines, a foam pit, hopping, rolling and climbing. The students absolutely loved it and … Continue reading