November 21, 2017

Building Social Skills with LEGO

It’s Monday morning and in Mrs. Kubachka’s classroom students are gathered in small groups working intently on LEGO™ projects including a drumming monkey and a chomping alligator. Students were organized into groups of three, and each has his or her … Continue reading

High Five for Oral Motor Therapy

It takes an interaction of 72 muscles to speak. That’s a lot! At Linden Grove we get creative with ways to work on those muscles. Oral motor work helps to develop the muscles not just for proper speech, but also … Continue reading

Egg Drop Challenge

6-8 team science teachers organized an Egg Drop Challenge open to all LGS students. The challenge: design an egg drop contraption that will keep an egg from breaking when dropped fifty feet from the top rung of a fire truck … Continue reading

Bedtime Tips

The late Lorna Jean King, founder of the Children’s Center for Neurodevelopmental Studies in Phoenix, Arizona, offers the following insights on sleep habits among children with autism as posted on Children with autism usually have some sleep pattern problems. … Continue reading

Community Experiences Offer Valuable Learning Opportunities

Community-based experiences are an important part of student learning at Linden Grove School. Whether it’s attending a theatrical performance, exploring a museum or nature park, touring local businesses to learn about different careers or going out to eat to practice … Continue reading

Math Challenge: Representing Scale in the Solar System

Mr. Loar’s math students were recently presented with a unique challenge: represent the distance between the planets in our universe in the 3rd floor hallway of Linden Grove School. Students first viewed a video of Bill Nye the Science Guy … Continue reading

Be Like Iggy!   

Some kids build with LEGO™, others construct great block towers, and still more sculpt with sand or clay. But none are better at building than Iggy Peck, who built a Sphinx on his front lawn out of dirt clods and … Continue reading

Ten Things Parents Can Do to Help their Child with Autism

You’re finally in the routine of a new school year. You’ve filled out all the paperwork, met your child’s teachers, purchased everything on the school’s supply list, and marked your calendar with important dates. Take a deep breath and savor … Continue reading

Cooking Up Speech

There’s nothing like a good snack in speech-language therapy – just ask our K-2 students! Mrs. Detzel’s most recent “cooking class” had Linden Grove School’s youngest students each creating his or her own personal trail mix. Students could choose from … Continue reading

Portrait Photography Encourages Discussions on Expression 

Portrait photography is the opening unit in a new Art and Technology elective for 6-8 grade students. Students are considering how photographs of a person can capture their personality. Students are also learning how photo editing can adjust a viewer’s … Continue reading