April 26, 2018

Creating Summer Structure for Kids with Autism

A person with autism thrives on being in a familiar environment with routine and structure. So while kids with autism may not enjoy every minute of every school day, they do find comfort in the structure. Summer vacation, on the … Continue reading

Making Memories for a Lifetime

Ask an LGS alum about their fondest school memories and they won’t say math or handwriting. Alumni most often talk about the school dances, field day, the trip to Siekman’s farm, and other events. This past Friday LGS parents and … Continue reading

A Planet Full of Animals

There are lots of different kinds of animals in all shapes, sizes, and colors roaming our planet. Ms. Wagner’s K-2 students are learning about different animals and how to group them together by traits they have in common. For example: … Continue reading

Recognizing the Faces of Autism

Autism has many faces. There are individuals with autism. There are family members who support those individuals. And there is that essential larger community of support – the many people devoted to enhancing the lives of people with autism. Now … Continue reading

Rockin’ the Regions

  Each region in the United States has features that make it different. Mrs. Kubachka’s social studies students can tell you not only about the geography, climate, resources and economy of each region but also the people who live there and … Continue reading

Best Essential Oils for Kids with ASD

When you hear the words “essential oils” you might think of going to a spa for some much-needed relaxation. But essential oils can also be beneficial for children on the autism spectrum. Autism Parenting Magazine offers a guide to the … Continue reading

Farming the Nile

In their consideration of Ancient Civilizations, 6-8 team social studies students are learning about agricultural practices through LEGO™ builds and other hands-on activities. Egypt is a hot country where it hardly ever rains. And yet the ancient Egyptians built an … Continue reading

Summer Camp Assistance Fund

For kids with autism, summer vacation can be 10 weeks filled with loneliness and even anxiety. When these students lose the socialization and structure the school year provides, they often withdraw and may struggle behaviorally. Linden Grove School’s Summer Camp … Continue reading

Music and Tech

In celebration of Music in our School’s Month, Linden Grove School would like to recognize Melodic Connections, which provides music education to all LGS students each week and offers private music lessons for LGS students after school. During the 2017-2018 … Continue reading

My Three Sons

At Linden Grove School’s annual Signature Event, Board President Jonathan Batross offered the following insights of raising three boys, two of whom have autism.   Good evening. My name is Jonathan Batross and I am the current Board President for … Continue reading