September 21, 2018


Students are admitted to Linden Grove School based on the school’s ability to meet the child’s needs and the school’s ability to continue to meet the needs of the other students who are already enrolled.

Applicants must meet the following requirements: 

  • Children must be entering grades K-8. (Please note that Linden Grove will only consider serving new 8th grade students under very unique circumstances. Please contact the Head of School for further information.)
  • Kindergarten applicants must be 5 years of age by September 30th.
  • All students must be potty-trained. (It is ok for a child to need a potty schedule or reminders, as well as help with fasteners; however, students must be able to ask for help, if needed. Students must also be independent with wiping skills, as staff are unable to assist with wiping. Verbal prompts and visual reminders can be provided.)
  • Children must be verbal and speaking in 3-5 word phrases or short sentences.
  • Children must have joint attention capabilities at a level in which they can respond to another person’s bid for joint attention (the adult points to or directs the child’s attention to an object and the student looks or responds). Children should also be able to attend to preferred activities for 10-15 minutes with only needing moderate prompts and/or motivators.
  • Children who require behavioral supports must have a plan that can be implementable without the use of a 1:1 aide or the need to have more than one adult in the classroom at the same time. In situations where the parent has agreed to cover the cost of the aide AND where the child’s behavior will be no more disruptive to the environment at large with the support of the 1:1 aide than any other LGS student’s behavior without an aide, LGS may be able to enroll the student with the goal to wean out the 1:1 aide.
  • Students who are not independent with feeding skills will be required to have an eating plan, which involves input from the OT, SLP, BIS and parents.  Then, the plan must be signed by all and parents must agree to work with the school regarding the types of food and assistance LGS is able to provide during meal and snack times.

Revised December 2016.