January 21, 2017


Specialized Learning for the Whole Child
Linden Grove School is a private, state-accredited, not-for-profit school that offers an alternative learning program for students primarily diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder and who struggle in a more traditional school setting. Linden Grove addresses many of the academic, sensory, social, communication, and behavioral needs common for children with autism and other related learning and behavioral disorders.

Our Mission
Linden Grove School provides a specialized, progressive educational program for K-8 students with autism and other related learning needs. Our program partners with families in a respectful, rewarding and supportive environment, inspiring hope for all and providing each student with the opportunity for personal growth and independence.


Let’s Get Moving!

Linden Grove School physical education students started out 2017 by setting fitness goals with the help of Mr. Foster. The goals are displayed on a 2nd floor bulletin board with the title: “Let’s Get Moving!” Students listed various activities for living a healthier lifestyle ranging from “play with my brother” and “work harder in gym class,” to “play Kinect” and “do cartwheels twice a … Read More

Students, Write on Your Desks – Please!

How awesome. Linden Grove School students get to write on their desks! Using dry erase markers – the markers used on white boards in classrooms and offices – students can do math problems on their desks. It’s so much cooler than doing math problems in a workbook or a single sheet of paper. And it allows teachers like Mrs. Kubachka, assisted by Mr. Lovaas, to select math problems for … Read More

Attack of the Eukaryotes and Prokaryotes!

Hanging outside Mr. Loar’s classroom on the first floor you’ll find some interesting multi-media art depicting  . . . cell biology! More specifically, prokaryotic cells and eukaryotic cells. Prokaryotic cells, the simple cells of organisms like bacteria, are sometimes compared to one-room cabins: they don't have internal membranes, so they’re like a single room with no walls to … Read More

Students Take Aim with Simple Machines

Winter Break is fast approaching, but students of Mr. Kennedy and Mr. Loar remain focused on their lessons. Among their assignments is the challenge to design the best use of a lever to move an object; more specifically, designing a catapult to launch a marshmallow at a target. The students were challenged to build a catapult using craft sticks and rubber bands. Mr. Kennedy’s students also used … Read More

Local Company Gives LGS Students VIP Tour

Process Pump & Seal, Inc., founded in Cincinnati in 1984, recently welcomed LGS students for a behind-the-scenes tour of their local manufacturing facility. The company sells and services pumps, sealing devices, and specialty chemical products to a wide range of industrial, commercial, and municipal customers throughout five states.  Students of LGS applied skills and robotics classes … Read More