December 14, 2017


Specialized Learning for the Whole Child
Linden Grove School is a private, state-accredited, not-for-profit school that offers an alternative learning program for students primarily diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder and who struggle in a more traditional school setting. Linden Grove addresses many of the academic, sensory, social, communication, and behavioral needs common for children with autism and other related learning and behavioral disorders.


The Blubber Experiment

Mrs. Bachman’s science students have been learning about the various ways animals are adapted to their natural habitats. Adaptations may be physical like a camel’s humps or a duck’s webbed feet; others may be behavioral such as when an animal hibernates or migrates at the beginning of winter. As students and staff are starting to wear heavy coats to adapt to the colder temperatures outside, it … Read More

Hunter-Gatherer or Agricultural Settlement?

If you lived in 5000 BC, would you prefer to be a hunter-gatherer or live in an agricultural settlement? This was the question explored by Ms. Ballard’s 6-8 team social studies class. And what tool did they use to consider the advantages and disadvantages of these two lifestyles? LEGO®, of course!  Every person alive today is a descendant of expert hunter-gatherers who lived before … Read More

Electrons Will Travel

Electrons will travel – given a source and a circuit. That’s what Ms. Sparling’s 4-6 team science students are learning through a series of hands-on activities using batteries, wires, light bulbs, switches and more. An electric circuit is an electric current – made up of electrons moving in a path - that flows continuously. It is formed with components consisting of conductors (most often … Read More

Helping Individuals with Autism Have a Happy Holiday Season

The holiday season can bring joy – and challenges – for families who have one or more members with autism. The Autism Society offers Twelve Tips for Helping Individuals with Autism Have a Happy Holiday Season. The first few tips are summarized below. To see the full list visit their webpage.   Teach your family member with autism how to leave a situation when an event becomes … Read More

THANKSgiving Feast with Friends

LGS’s Fall Feast is one of the most anticipated events of the year. Held the last school day before Thanksgiving, students are asked to bring in their favorite foods to share with friends and staff. There’s french fries, mac-and-cheese, pizza, Pringles, Goldfish crackers, doughnut holes, Oreos and more. Purists may cringe at the lack of a traditional menu of turkey, mashed potatoes and … Read More