April 28, 2017


Specialized Learning for the Whole Child
Linden Grove School is a private, state-accredited, not-for-profit school that offers an alternative learning program for students primarily diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder and who struggle in a more traditional school setting. Linden Grove addresses many of the academic, sensory, social, communication, and behavioral needs common for children with autism and other related learning and behavioral disorders.

Our Mission
Linden Grove School provides a specialized, progressive educational program for K-8 students with autism and other related learning needs. Our program partners with families in a respectful, rewarding and supportive environment, inspiring hope for all and providing each student with the opportunity for personal growth and independence.


Creative Lessons Make Math Easy

Everyone knows the Associative Property of Multiplication, right? You know, the property that states that when multiplying three or more real numbers, the product is always the same regardless of their grouping. LGS students recently learned this pre-algebra concept through hands-on activities using math cards and pipe cleaners. For those who don’t have the benefit of our … Read More

Rain Cloud in a Glass

Students of our K-2 team recently learned about clouds and rain using shaving cream, water and food coloring. The class started with glasses of water to which was added a layer of shaving cream – the water representing the atmosphere and the shaving cream, a cloud. Then, students began to add drops of blue food coloring to the shaving cream. The weight of the food coloring gradually pushed … Read More

Absolutely Incredible Kids!

It’s Absolutely Incredible Kid Day! Each LGS student is receiving a surprise note from at least one family member as well as a note from Mrs. Tennyson, Head of School. Our younger students had their notes read to them and then all posed for a picture with their treasured letters reminding them they are "incredible." Among our older students, one student described the letters as "beautiful" … Read More

Students “See” Germs with Glitter

A recent Health experiment helped students “see” germs – invisible things that can cause them and their friends to get sick. Students were asked to wash their hands with soap and water, then glitter was dumped on their hands. After that, every student shook hands with their friends – it was easy to see how the glitter germs were transferred. After this experiment, students better understood … Read More

Kids First with LGS Students

LGS Applied Skills students recently went on a class outing to Kids First Sports Center on East Kemper Road in Cincinnati. They completed three circuits including trampolines, a foam pit, hopping, rolling and climbing. The students absolutely loved it and the activities met many of their sensory needs. Thank you to both LGS and Kids First staff for making it a memorable … Read More