March 22, 2018


Specialized Learning for the Whole Child
Linden Grove School is a private, state-accredited, not-for-profit school that offers an alternative learning program for students primarily diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder and who struggle in a more traditional school setting. Linden Grove addresses many of the academic, sensory, social, communication, and behavioral needs common for children with autism and other related learning and behavioral disorders.


Learning through Science Projects

LGS 4-6 team science classes are taking advantage of an opportunity to participate in a local science fair. Science is all around us — in our bodies, in nature, through cooking gardening, just to name a few. Developing and displaying science experiments offers a range of opportunities including: Working effectively in groups Reading books and other resources to explore … Read More

Dental Care Tips for Kids on the Spectrum

Autism can make it difficult for a child to practice good oral health, and can complicate things like routine dental visits. Autism Speaks, in collaboration with Colgate and Philips-Sonicare, offers a dental guide and video with tips for improving oral hygiene at home as well as information on how to make a visit to the dentist's office less stressful and more productive. The first four tips … Read More

Madagascar: A Lesson in Friendship and Teamwork

Studies have shown attending live theatre performances enhance academic knowledge and emotional learning in ways reading and watching movies cannot. Throughout the year, Linden Grove School students benefit greatly from performances of The Children’s Theatre of Cincinnati. The most recent production – Madagascar: A Musical Adventure – tells the story of a group of animals who escape the Central … Read More

100 Days Smarter

As part of their celebration of the 100th day of school, 2-4 team students made themselves a “100 Days Smarter” crown. In addition, they each completed a fill-in the blank story entitled “If I Were 100.” We’ve included the story below with some of the answers students provided. How would you fill out the story?   If I Were 100 If I was turning 100 today, “Happy Birthday” all my … Read More

Help Your Child Play

Play helps children develop fine and gross motor skills, language and communication skills, creative thinking, problem-solving, and social skills. Children with autism enjoy playing, but they may play in very different ways. They are more likely to play alone, and their play is often repetitive with no particular goal in mind. Left alone, they might not develop important skills such as … Read More